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I want to be ' stud ' away for a while, so cliti he decided to erotic messages, so do not forget me. I wanted to know what happened to his return. I sent the news a few days to let the most excited. He asked me about the next part, when it became so on. This is what I sent... Monday First, I had dinner at an expensive restaurant. We had to travel by taxi, they would be able to drink freely, to remove all inhibitions. I'm wearing a tight cocktail dress with a slit at the thigh on one side, but I am using a jacket as well. When we left the restaurant, you get to remove the jacket and realize that my dress is cut very tight and very low - which are the envy of every man. When we sat down, it takes a tempting prospect of almost all of my breasts and a little black lace. I will make a subtle way with a bit of blush, eye shadow and lip gloss over care. My sensual aroma and appearance will keep you cliti in a state of excitement and anticipation for the night. We will have a delicious meal with plenty of liquor, wine and coffee with him - then it's time to take me home. We are entering the taxi and I'm very close with your hand turned my legs to try to find out how much or how little that is under my dress. You will learn that I think the lace stockings with the top. I gently massage your hard cock and that - so it will remain for some time... When we got to my house to kiss passionately and remove the jacket. It then climbs into the room and find unzip my dress, that everything was put on a black lace bra that barely covers my nipples and a tiny black lace g - string I turn around, to show the effect complete and the beauty of my tight ass, seems irrelevant. I will ask you to remove what they do in seconds, after his powerful erectionon the screen. Not a touch of hair on his cock or eggs. You ask me, cliti you suck, but I refuse you - but I'm going to lie in bed, where I got the dolls, join the casting of the brass bed with silk scarves. Now begins the sex is... Thursday If you are tied to the bed, and I know that cliti you feel comfortable with your head propped up with pillows, so you can see everything, I will walk before they look at me as a prop in my high-heeled sandals. I will do everything with my butt shapely pointed out to you and you see, the will of my hand I rub. You are asking cliti me to lick the cock rock hard, but not make any difference. I'll be sitting in a chair in front of you and gradually reveal my breasts with their bright bold and puffy nipples pink. I'll rub your nipples to protrude further. Meanwhile, his penis is more difficult than ever, so strong erection that is painful - but you will not be able to play Now, with a GLA long!ceful movement, I take my little thong then push forward, so I'm sitting right to the edge of the chair with her ​​legs open so you can see my pussy completely hairless juices and escapes from the lips. is start rubbing cliti to pull the lips open so you can see my Clitty brilliant. Slowly push a finger into my pussy, and then another and I'm going to cliti cliti masturbate in front of you and enjoy cliti the power I have on you please come to their rescue, as you lie in bed while. I come to you and gets to bed. Your penis is dripping with emotion and that are there, mouth open, to be on you... Saturday It is now for me to get in bed - but not quite as expected. I am more than remember, I just put my black lace topped stockings, makeup, gold chains and my sensual fragrance wild, as you would drive in my body odor. You look at my smooth pussy, cliti and I pull my lips and rub my Clitty. I slowlylower myself so I can lick almost the language, but does not reach my pussy. Lower...... Baja...... it! Ahhh! Finally, you can film my lips with his tongue. You are moaning as I liked and asked me to press her pussy on his face. But I'm still playing with you. I stay away from you then get behind the pillows and pull a 12 inch dildo. I do lick it for me, so I have little by little until my pussy, which cliti is transmitted with the juices. Poor man - he thought it was my turn to special treatment, but I 'm in charge, and I make you look like this dildo fuck myself hard if I could be with his cock. They see in and out of the vagina and ask me to do something for the cock, the pain, because your erection is so powerful. I pity you have, but the dildo in me. I turn around, so my ass on that forward, then turn and slowly masturbate then I 'm going to suck again just for a while - I do not want... come more. I need your tongue now, so I stood up to get the dildo nice and make you lick my juices from it - you eat greedy - they have no other option, as I rubbed the dildo to keep the tongue. Then I put it aside and down my pussy beautiful to you so that you can bury your face in me. They suck and lick desperate after so much torture. You are in heaven and do not realize that this guy who cliti at the time. Seconds later, I grind my pussy hard in cliti his face, so that you can barely breathe. I think it 's because your mouth all contractions on my clitoris, vagina and mouth. I scream when I'm angry rubs the press to attract cliti good-bye. Soon it will be time for you to travel. If you are good and give the shit I do cliti to win, then you have a special reward. Tuesday is finally time to shit. I have for your cock as hard as it is full and I know it cliti was cruel, he wanted to wait that long. In front of you to cliti start slow and smooth my pussy in his lower Hardneress. I am floating, my lips just brushing the top of the cock that agonizing pleasure, since they are so close yet so far from what you want. Suddenly I can not anymore, I'm hot, my pussy dripping and I have no need. I pushed his whole body into me. I stop and let my love juices soaking in its strength. as they are both shaved admiration I feel so close, feel my lips on her flesh. Slowly start to grind on his cock relentlessly with my game whatever you want, because my sex toys. I think, and enjoy the warmth, thickness and hardness of his beautiful wave, if I had not stopped, that you come, and I do not want that yet. I ask you to go and I 'm starting to push up and down every inch of it has to offer to enjoy. They came to me and go deeper and deeper. 'Harder! Hardener' I appeal to you and you push with all my strength, so the first orgasm, my juices flowing down through your cookingk and then shout ' Coming' and shoot your hot load inside me. We shudder together enjoying the calm blatant sexuality, then you have a look of satisfaction on his face, but there's one cliti thing to do. Pulled his cock still very hard and work my way to bed, around the mouth. 'Lick me clean! ' I send, and I express my dripping cunt in the mouth, so you have to lick his own semen from me. Now they are licking cliti sex crazy and hard, not that you have many options. She licks me while I start to orgasm and then carefully cliti to meet the scarves. ' They were good, very good! ' I say with a look of evil desire. 'Soon..... your reward' Thursday After this wonderful session you can do anything with me - nothing.... but I'm still away from you and tease you. 'Take me !' I cried, ' I use' But I do not meet your wrists. I just insult until it finally can not take it anymore and I give birth. Spring and grab, whichtempts me to my pert bum cheeks President kneel. Lick my sweet little pink hole to go back with his fingers in my pussy juices drip and prevent transmission, in which both want. And give a kiss and I squirm with pleasure. Now the staff again in the near future to bursting, and I'm looking at my sexy ass nice. ' Get the dildo! ' I cry and can be put. I use it and the RAM in my pussy as the probe slowly slide your ass in short, did you know that I had prepared before our days, so you can come and slide back and forth without problems. 'Harder! Me free ! ' I want my pussy and I am furious attack with a dildo while I ram his cock brutally beautiful. Suddenly, we both have to stiffen and break our orgasms together for us. His sperm exploded violently deep in me and my juices come out of me. We are shocked and collapse on the bed in the arms and drift into sleep sensual. the morning I wake up, pushedwith your cock hard and together, with care, we love it.
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